Wednesday, December 19, 2007

News: Road Rage

Hygens Labidou, a black business owner, probably never thought he'd have to use his gun in self-defense. After all, he had possessed his concealed weapons permit since at least 1991. All that changed last week when two enraged men allegedly attacked him in a road rage incident. Labidou responded by shooting them.

The link provided is a sobering reminder of the emotions that run through you after any shooting (click on the 911 audio). Mr. Labidou is almost beside himself, screaming for paramedics as the two men lay dying in front of him. He is so agitated it's hard for the 911 dispatcher to even communicate coherently with him.

I say the two men "allegedly" attacked Labidou in the first paragraph, but judging from the police description, it seems clear Labidou was in the right. When you see a pickup cut you off and stop in front of you, and two big guys (one of whom was armed with a knife) approach your vehicle shouting obscenities ("N——- get out of the truck"), that's a signal that Something's Up™. While it's a tragedy someone died, it'd be even more of a tragedy to let racism, road rage, and lawlessness win.


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