Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Music: Behind Blue Eyes

Some months back, the developers of "Rock Band," my favorite music video game, announced that they would be releasing the seminal rock album "Who's Next" as downloadable content. Unfortunately, it seems the surviving members of The Who have lost the master recordings of some of the songs on the album, preventing the whole thing from being put into the game. Instead, we're getting a "best of" compilation of the band's work on July 15th.

One of my all-time favorite songs from The Who is included in that compilation - "Behind Blue Eyes," written by Pete Townshend. Besides the dark lyrics (which nowadays provoke uncomfortable memories of Keith Moon's tragic death), you have a lot of the best characteristics of The Who on display, from the gentle picking of Townshend's guitar to Daltrey's inspired, almost bitter vocals in the second part of the song.

Here's a great live performance:


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