Saturday, September 27, 2008

Books: Star Trek TNG Technical Manual

Like more than a few boys my age, I watched "Star Trek: The Next Generation" in the '90s. To this day it's still my favorite Trek iteration; the show's tone ranged from silly to serious, but it was always fun. Along the way I inevitably picked up some fan memorabilia, including a few books about the series. One of the best of these was the "Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual."

It's a complete technical overview of the fictional starship that most of action TNG takes place on, the Enterprise-D. Ever wanted to know how the Bussard ramscoop collectors in the warp nacelle pylons work? How about a look at the floorplan of the Captain's yacht, located on the underside of the saucer section? Such minutiae is probably only tolerable if you liked the show, but for fans, this will be an interesting look at ship systems that will probably never see the light of day on the screen (there are also some behind-the-scenes tidbits that are entertaining, too).


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