Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sports: Half of not losing

Football, especially college football under the new clock rules (which cut down the average number of plays in a game by 10%), is a game about mistakes. And the SEC season opener for the Florida Gators yesterday was a good example of that. Here's some highlights (you can see how Tennessee fans started streaming out out after the Vols went scoreless for three quarters):

You see, UF didn't really beat Tennessee as much as Tennessee beat themselves. There were two incredibly costly turnovers in the red zone, there were failures on special teams (Brandon James, UF's star punt and kick returner, had a field day) - just a lack of preparation and practice on the part of the Volunteers. The Gators, for their part, gave UT enough rope to hang themselves with, with Tim Tebow playing well, but not as spectacularly as his Heisman-caliber 59-20 performance against Tennessee last year.


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