Sunday, September 21, 2008

Food: Back Yard Burgers

Our family has adopted the saying, "You can have it good, cheap, or fast, but not all three at once." Fast food proves the point - when you're getting a burger, fries, and soda in 5 minutes for $5, you really can't expect a quality product if you're being honest with yourself. So, you make do with the best you can find.

In this area of the country, "Back Yard Burgers" is one of those one-step-above-McD's type of places. Their shtick is that they only use Black Angus beef in their patties. As any burger meister will tell you, though, even grocery-store grade ground chuck can taste excellent if it's cooked right, so that's a wash. Their default burger is good, with a strong charcoal-like flavor and decent ingredients, but I like the french fries (you can get seasoned OR waffle) the best.

2/4 stars


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