Sunday, September 21, 2008

Movies: Mean Creek

The Culkins have sometimes had a rough time of it, with much-publicized custody battles and drug woes occasionally splashing onto the tabloids. It doesn't seem to affect their acting ability, though, as you can see from Rory's role in the 2004 film "Mean Creek":

Rory Culkin (best known for his role as Mel Gibson's asthmatic son in "Signs") stars as the lead character Sam, a likable kid who is getting bullied by George, played by Josh Peck (before Peck hit it big in the TV series "Drake & Josh"). When Sam's brother and friends hatch a plot to pull a prank on the unsuspecting George, the consequences of the decisions they make will change their lives forever.

"Mean Creek" is only director Jacob Aaron Estes second movie, but there's a lot of talent here. The film is part "Stand By Me," part "Deliverance," with a relaxed, natural style that pervades the acting, dialogue, and cinematography. I think the plot here is the largest weakness, with a rather implausible character reversal occuring right in the middle of the movie. In my experience, a bully is a bully - they just don't get nicer.

Rating: 7/10


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