Saturday, August 11, 2012

Guns: Carry Combo #2

Work has been cutting pretty heavily into my blogging time, but instead of running typical repeat posts, I thought I'd take a look at some of my go-to CCW rigs. In general, I pair the items featured below with a Wilderness Instructor's or Frequent Flyer Belt:

Kahr CM9 - In my experience, this is the best overall pocket 9mm on the market. This does not mean it is as accurate, reliable, and shootable as a larger pistol (say, a G26 or M&P9c). But it's the best of the 9mm autoloaders that you can reasonably tote in a pair of khaki shorts.

DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster - Sort of the reference standard for pocket holsters here at Shangrila Towers; a design must be at least as good as the Nemesis before I'll consider using it.

Comp-Tac Single Mag Pouch - Just got this. It's a Kydex mag holder with integral over-the-belt clip (you can also get it with the bulkier-but-adjustableTek-Lok). It's comfortable, and the design feels pretty bombproof, but I'll have to use it for awhile before I give it a final verdict.

Ammunition is UMC 115 grain JHP, standard pressure. Early generation hollowpoint design, and tremendous muzzle flash, but it's cheap (very cheap), as reliable as anything else, and fairly accurate. Not my first choice for going into harm's way, but a heckuva lot better than 9mm ball.


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