Sunday, July 31, 2016

Guns: Ruger LCP review [2013 Gen 2] (The .380 Throne, Part 5 of 5)

[I'm clearing out a bunch of my .380 pistols, so I thought it'd be fun to do a C/D-style comparison test to see which one is king of the hill...]

1. Ruger LCP - Still The One

Ruger quietly upgraded its bestselling LCP in 2013, by adding more pronounced sights and changing the hammer cocking position (which resulted in a shorter, lighter trigger pull). As it stands, the gun is a good blend of concealability, reliability, and accuracy - not the best in any particular category, but very solid all around. If you want to carry a .380 in your pocket or on your ankle, this would be my recommendation.

Blazer Brass 7 yards:

Aguila at 7 yards:

Remington UMC at 10 yards:

Winchester at 10 yards:

PMC Bronze at 7 yards:

S&B at 10 yards:

S&B at 15 yards:


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