Saturday, April 21, 2007

Guns: Online Stores

One of the great conveniences for a shooter in the modern era is the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, some outfits are better than others at reliably shipping ammunition and other firearm accessories. Here are some sites I've had good experiences with:

1. MidwayUSA - These guys are great about shipping stuff; if you order in the morning there's a good chance your order will be shipped out the same day. Their site has loads of pictures, so there's never much question about what you're going to get. The shopping cart, inventory system, and search function are also more refined than most other sites. I've ordered tons of stuff from them.

2. Natchez Shooters Supplies - A couple years ago, they had deals on XM193 5.56mm that were nearly impossible to beat. They are a bit slower to ship than Midway, but their prices are often excellent - for awhile, their CCI Blazer 9mm prices compelled me to order case after case on their site. Their in-stock e-mail notification system seems to work well, but the rest of the site is less user-friendly.

3. Sportsmans Guide - One of those sites where membership gives you discounts. They tend to have coupons available that give pretty decent savings. I never shopped from here much, but they're reputable and have a pretty good selection of ammo. As the name implies, though, they're not really focused on shooting but more on the outdoors in general.


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