Monday, August 29, 2016

Links: Old Time Radio Researchers Group Library

WUFT's "Theatre of the Mind" was one of my favorite radio shows in college. For two hours, host Bill Sabis played classics from the golden age of old time radio - lurid horror ("Sus-pennnse!"), classic sci-fi ("X minus one... Fire!"), mystery ("Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar"). He turned every Sunday night into a time machine to the golden age of old time radio; it was a sad day when the show ended its 25-year run.

That's why I was delighted to find the Old Time Radio Researchers Group Library, an incredible repository of thousands of radio dramas from that bygone era, often collecting series that are not available from any other source. Downloading shows (including famous ones like "The Shadow") is completely free, although there is a 10 GB monthly limit to keep bandwidth costs down. If you have any interest at all in classic radio drama, you need to check out the OTRR Library.


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